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blather n : foolish gibberish [syn: blatherskite] v : to talk foolishly; "The two women babbled and crooned at the baby" [syn: babble, smatter, blether, blither]

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From blaðra. To check: blaterare, onomatopoeia from the sound uttered by a camel.


  • a UK /blæðə(r)/ /bl

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absurdity, amphigory, babble, babblement, balderdash, bavardage, be stupid, bibble-babble, blab, blabber, blah-blah, blatherskite, blether, blethers, blither, bombast, bosh, bull, bullshit, bunkum, burble, cackle, caquet, caqueterie, chat, chatter, chitter-chatter, clack, claptrap, clatter, dither, dote, double-talk, drivel, drool, fiddle-faddle, fiddledeedee, flapdoodle, flimflam, flummery, folderol, fudge, fustian, gab, gabble, galimatias, gammon, gas, gibber, gibberish, gibble-gabble, go on, gobbledygook, gossip, guff, gush, haver, hocus-pocus, hokum, hot air, humbug, idle talk, jabber, jargon, jaw, jazz, malarkey, maunder, mere talk, mumbo jumbo, narrishkeit, natter, niaiserie, nonsense, nonsense talk, pack of nonsense, palaver, patter, piffle, poppycock, pour forth, prate, prating, prattle, prittle-prattle, ramble on, rant, rattle, rattle on, reel off, rigamarole, rigmarole, rodomontade, rubbish, run on, skimble-skamble, slobber, spout, spout off, stuff and nonsense, stultiloquence, talk away, talk nonsense, talk on, talkee-talkee, tittle-tattle, trash, trumpery, twaddle, twattle, twiddle-twaddle, vapor, vaporing, waffle, waffling, yak, yakkety-yak
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